In the times of COVID-19

Aniket & Meher

She looked out of the window seeing a branch of a tree, for long days and long evenings. It shed leaves and then grew new ones. She stared at it till the days became short and the new leaves shed again leaving behind a bare branch. She looked at the speakers, the blank tv screen the way I looked at mountains and sea, long and hard as if in deep thought. She made friends with the inanimate toys sitting on her desk. She saw the faces of only counted people, even after having a large family; for she was born…

A Poem

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Box of society,
Box of culture,
Box of geography,
Box of values,
Box of expectations;
All try to bind us
And we try to escape.

Some shatter the walls
And some fly away,
To be free;
From the box
And what the box represents;
Only to find years later
That we ended up
In a new box
We created for ourselves.

So let us venture,
To create a life outside the boxes
For our little ones;
Where they can discover,
Their true nature,
Their purpose,
And their own selves;
Without being crushed
Under the burden of boxes.

A Poem

Me & Meher on Christmas!

I thought I loved her the most,
I thought I had to teach her all,
But she proved me wrong.

I am more important to her
Than she is to me.

She told me so
With her eyes that lit up,
Her smile that shined brightly,
Her tight hugs,
Her licks on my neck, my cheek, and my mouth,
When she saw me just after an hour’s parting.

She conveyed she missed me,
Better than with words.

Her love is so unbound and expressive,
Her eyes are so innocent and affectionate,
Her actions so chaste and unrestricted,
That even though she is
Much younger…

An ode

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You and I,
We are so similar.

You want to travel the world,
And so do I.

You want to meet new people,
From different cultures,
Of different ages and beliefs;
And so do I.

You want to leave your mark on this earth,
And so do I.

You like winters,
And so do I.

You want to unify man with god,
And so do I.

You and I,
Our ways and means are different
But our objective is the same.

You and I,
We are in a mutually exclusive relationship,
Dear Corona Virus,
It is only when your adventures end
That mine will begin.

*No Conditions Applied

Love cost me time, money and the end of life as I knew it

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As a child, I loved toys. However, as I grew into a teenager, my love found a better contender in my favorite actor. As years passed, it paved way for the love I felt for my boyfriend. But only on maturity did I find my one true love in my husband. But, all of this, as I later realized, was not love. It was varying degrees of affection, care, and fondness. Love in its altruistic form, with pure feelings and zero expectations only came later in…

A Poem

Dubai Airport

Sleepy faces every where,
Waiting for a connection,
To reach their destination.
Some trying to stay awake,
With the strongest of coffees;
And some trying to be healthy,
With juices and sandwiches.
Whether you are from
Dubai or India,
US or China;
Leaving for Paris or Jeddah,
New York or Pakistan;
Whether your journey
Is personal or for work,
Is for leisure or for love;
Just for one night
We are all the same.
We share this journey,
With sleepy eyes
And yawning mouths,
Waiting for an aeroplane
To go to faraway lands.

Written in June 2019 Dubai airport at 3am on my way to Paris

Without infecting

Where the kids fought for swings,

Those swings now move only with the blowing winds;

Where there used to be a queue for the slide,

Those slides now lie deserted;

Where there used to be cycling races,

A lone cycle lazily rolls down the slope;

Where the parents used to walk and gossip,

The gates of those gardens are tightly shut;

Where the elders used to gather and talk,

Those benches are now blanketed with dust;

Where bells rang and prayers sang,

Those temples and gods see not a single soul;

Where kids gathered to dance in the rain,


A Poem

What is this feeling,

That I am unable to describe

Love at first sight, I scoffed at

And yet, the first time I saw you,

I fell for you.

I thought I understood love

But it was only after I held you

In my arms for the first time,

That I felt a love so unconditional

As I never thought was possible,

I was ready to do anything for you.

Out of sight, out of mind,

I believed in;

And yet from the day you came into my life

I have thought of nothing else,

But you.

I thought possessiveness…

A Poem

As the summer descends,

So do the cane curtains.

My once bright room,

Takes shades of brown,

Reminding me of a cozy place

I once lived in Goa.

In a small cottage,

By the sea side.

Swinging on a hammock,

With a potent cocktail in my hand,

With the rustling leaves,

The crashing waves,

And tunes on a guitar

As my personal music;

With the blowing hair

And the cool air

Soothing my eyes

And my thoughts,

Taking me to another world,

Escaping this one for a while.

What lovely days they were

Filled with bathing in the ocean,


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Bearing backpains,

And often toothaches;

Walking with heavy weight,

On swollen feet;

Hating what I once loved,

And loving what I never liked;

Puking out the best of foods

Sometimes headaches,

And sometimes cramps;

Sometimes elated,

And then terribly upset;

Hardly feeling like my own self.


And losing balance,

Have become a part of everyday life.

What work once took 20 minutes,

Now takes upto an hour.

And the time when the party started,

I am fast asleep,

Switching from one uncomfortable position

To another, all night.

Tiny bladder,

And marks like a tiger,

Have become a part of…

Mosam Shah

A CA by education, a legal advisor by profession, a writer and world traveller by passion and an iconoclast by heart. Author of Aranya & Falling For You.

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